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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photo Challenge Days 1 - 5

Chris brought a 'photo challenge' along on our vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You're given one topic or technique each day for 30 days. Well, I didn't have a month and I kinda wanted a Michigan theme, so I did it in a week. I'm oh so 'accelerated' like that...
Also, other than cropping, the pictures are generally unedited and not 'tweaked.' I figured if I started doing that I'd spend 20 years fiddling and never post.
Anyway, here's how it went:

Day 1: Self Portrait
Aaaand I'm off to a roaring start, aren't I?

Day 2: What I wore today
I went running this morning and this pic turned out to be one of my favs. Though admittedly it looks better than it smells.
Day 3: Clouds
(Chris and I argue about who took this one... she probably did, but I'm taking credit anyway because my other cloud pictures are dull)
Day 4: Something Green
I think it's a half inflated alligator, but I thought it looked like a depressed, beached turtle.
Day 5: High Angle

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