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Friday, January 4, 2008

Cruise Day 3

December 25th, Christmas Day
No Port of Call

Today was an 'at sea' day. Apparently this cruise normally stops at Dominica (?) but since it's Christmas Day nothing would be open so we're just cruising on to Grenada. I'm fine with that. I'm getting pretty good at sitting next to the pool doing jack squat for long periods of time. Chris has been reading, I've been flipping through about 750 songs from the 80's on my iPod.

I saved you a seat!

As a total side note, Chris has been dropping things ever since the trip started. She keeps trying to tell me that her inner ear is just super-sensitive or something, but I think her brain went on vacation and now her limbs are going on strike. Lens cap, food, memory card, toothpaste, more food, razor, etc... pretty much EVERYTHING! So, I *thought* I was behaving myself and maybe not being 'supportive' per se, but at least not sighing heavily everytime I heard something clink on the bathroom floor. But I guess I wasn't as stealthy as I thought because after like the 700th clatter, I hear from the bathroom, "I'd appreciate it if you didn't roll your eyes at me. I'm not dropping things on purpose, you know." So tell me ladies, how did she know? She wasn't even looking at me. Could she sense it with her inner ear? Anyway, to date, I have only dropped one thing this whole trip. Unfortunately it was her toothbrush and it wedged into the utility end of the toilet brush. What? It's not like it hit the floor, shesh, you women are so sensitive. Fine, we'll call it even. Anyway, I fessed up immediately and we bought another toothbrush for, like, $57 + gratuity at the general store here on the boat. I think is called the "If you had to buy it here, we know what you're willing to pay for it" shop.

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